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VATAdria Internal Procedures
Dear existing and new member of VATAdria,

VATAdria Staff team introduced some guidelines and procedures for all members to follow in order to achieve training flow, events organisation and general ATC/Pilot activity in VATAdria. These are some rules which helped us to set up some events and training and down below there are some ground "rules" we would like you to follow as a member of VATAdria. 

1.) Training Requests
All training requests except new members (transferring vACC or new member of VATSIM) should request training via the forum. Check out this to find more details. In general every week you should report availability for training and available mentor will pick you up and get you on training. Also, we are introducing a new "event" where we aim to staff a few airports during weekends and do sweatbox sessions as well to sharpen your skills. More info can be found here.

For new members, they need to reach out to the Training Department in order to start their training at VATAdria or to become part of VATAdria. TD will give you guidelines on how to become a member of VATAdria and will guide you through first steps on becoming a full member of the community.

2.) Events availability
Every week we host Adriatic Weekly event and every member is more than welcome to join. As we see not all members report availability we would like to ask you to report your availability as soon as possible. It is not important if you are away or you would like to join in as pilot every vote counts and it will make our job easier and we will not go around sending messages and "begging" peoples to report availability. Also, I would like to say thanks to everyone who regularly reporting their availability. So don't be lazy check Discord/email to see if there is a new pool for next weeks event and report your availability. Keep in mind we do get requests from other vACCs or VATEUD Events Department to request ATC for special and third party events so keep an eye on the forum as well to see if there are new ATC requests where you can get involved. Simply by activating more into this will help us to organise more events in future. Also, if there is a weekly event we will also do training there so every ATC on training is welcome to join an event. This will not be a case in events where we expect a lot of traffic and then we will use members who already have a rating for a certain position. 

3.) General
3.1) Suggestions and ideas
VATAdria as a community always looking for ways to motivate our members to be online or fly in our region and sometimes this can't be easily achieved without our members help. Staff members are not always online or on the forum and we can't keep an eye on everything so this is where you come in handy. We opened a separate post where you can submit your ideas and suggestions (events, improvements...) so please go check this and follow guidelines written there. Every idea or suggestion is more then welcome and staff members will assist you with your idea. Keep in mind we have limited resources available at our hand so don't forget to add how YOU can help with your suggestion in order to have it implemented.

3.2) ATC Bookings
ATC booking should be done via vRoute, this is for few different reasons and one of them is that this rule is set up by VATSIM and every member needs to follow this. Also, vRoute have some limitations so you can't book position you never controlled before and if you are on training mentor should book position for you. After you booked position on vRoute you can announce it on a Discord Server and in this post. This will motivate other members to join as an ATC or pilot to support your sessions so you don't sit alone in silence. We are in the end community and we want to hang out and have some fun while enjoying our hobby. 

As already mentioned VATAdria Forum is an official way of communication between members of our community and there are some ground rules we would like everyone to follow. please go check out this post if you have any questions regarding rules and regulations at the forum. 

Keep in mind this is not a discussion and comments are closed. 

Thanks for your time,

VATAdria Staff Team
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